Saturday, May 2, 2009

Log4erl 0.8.6 is released!


After a small delay, version 0.8.6 is available in both google code page as well as in I don't like to publish latest code until I finish with all intended features, so, sorry for those who's been waiting for particular feature.

This release includes XML appender, with very flexible configuration. You can basically add whatever attribute/element you want in the output xml record for logs. You can configure XML appender using file-based configuration but unfortunately, it's not possible to send XMLSpecs (look at Appenders_API.txt for more info) in file-based configuration yet.

Another change in 0.8.6 is to have sync logging instead of async (use sync_notify instead of notify in gen_event). This actually should be faster and prevent crashing erlang in high loads.

There are also small changes, most notably is the introduction of error_logger handler. Check out documentation in this release for more information.

As usual, I'll be happy to hear your comments/suggestions. You know my email!

Best regards,