Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Syslog and file-based configuration in version 0.8.5


A new version of log4erl is updated in both google code and github.com repositories. The new features here are introduction of file-based configuration and syslog_appender. To get more details, please read updated documentations in files 'README.txt', 'API.txt', 'Appenders_API.txt', 'CHANGELOG.txt' and the new file 'CONFIGURATION.txt' for details of the file-based configuration. You can also find an example in 'priv/log4erl.conf'.

I've also made changes to the format with the addition of %I, %S, and %Z specifiers to output ISO-8601 standard output and timezone information. Also, %d and %j specifiers are changed to be ISO-compatible.

Enjoy the new release and keep the bug reports coming.



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