Saturday, February 7, 2009

Small step... log4erl 0.8.3


A new version of log4erl (0.8.3) is out there. This release includes small additions and changes. This release has been staying in my disk for sometime now waiting for docs to be included in the release tar. I've just updated repository and added the tarball to the download section. An update to the manual is due soon.

The new additions include a console appender, few additions to the log_formatter and small fixes. Refer to README.txt file in the tarball for updated API document. The new additions to log_formatter includes 3 new specifiers (%i, %b, %B) which outputs milliseconds, short month's name (e.g. Feb), month's name (e.g. February).

Next release will include SMTP logger and perhaps a simple configuration file.

As usual, please send your comments and suggestions to my email (can be found in README.txt file). Next is to update the manual. Until then, enjoy.


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